Thursday, January 10, 2008

Take your coat off, make yourself at home

Wow, lots of new visitors! Welcome, everyone, and thanks to Adam P. Knave, John Joseph Adams, Patrick Swenson, Jim Van Pelt, Elizabeth Bear, Sherwood Smith, and Arthur D. Hlavaty for linking over. Please do make yourselves at home, leave comments, point out typos, tell me I'm wrong (I've been hanging out online for fifteen years now, so I have quite a high tolerance for being corrected by random strangers using funny pseudonyms), ask questions, laugh at my jokes, etc. More == merrier.

I originally intended this blog to be about what I'm reading at the moment, but it's turned into a much broader discussion of my work at Publishers Weekly and all things related to books and publishing. I generally write at least one post every day that I'm in the office, though I usually do the actual writing at home in the evenings and save drafts to post during the following day. I'm certainly not using paid time for blogging, just like you're not reading this from work. Right?

This is very much not an official PW blog. (I hope to start officially blogging for PW sometime soon, but I'll probably have to tone myself down a lot.) I'm extremely opinionated--not surprising, given the work I do--and I post about anything that catches my eye, including politics, the serial comma, and other sensitive topics on which I may personally disagree with the official stance of PW. Please do keep this in mind while you're reading, and remember that I am not by any means an official spokesperson.

I should also note that I reviewed over 100 books for PW from 2002 to 2007, but now that I edit PW reviews, I no longer write them (though I still review for Strange Horizons, Lambda Book Report, and other publications). PW reviewers are anonymous, and we take that anonymity really seriously. I often write about my personal opinions of books here, and I want to make it absolutely clear that I did not review those books for PW.

Those who prefer to read blog posts via LJ can find my feed here. I also keep a personal LiveJournal, which may or may not be of interest. And if you're curious about my book reviews and other journalism, links to the bylined pieces available online can be found here.