Thursday, January 10, 2008

Short and to the point

Dear Ms. Rosenfeld:

I'm the editor of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror book reviews at Publishers Weekly, a past Lambda Awards judge, and a longtime bisexual activist within publishing and elsewhere. A friend pointed me to the Publishing Triangle website and suggested I should join your organization. I notice, however, that while the words "lesbian" and "gay" are prominently displayed throughout the website (most notably in your tagline, which states that the Triangle is "the association of lesbians and gay men in publishing"), no mention is made of bisexual members or efforts to support bisexuals who work in publishing. Would it be correct of me to infer that I am therefore excluded from membership and that your organization has no interest in assisting me or others like me? Please let me know.

Rose Fox
I'm guessing this is most likely to go nowhere, but anything's possible. Should be interesting.

(And yes, I'm actually quite happy to join if they'll have me, as long as they understand that once a member I will immediately start agitating for more inclusive language and practices and will not shut up or go away unless they kick me out.)