Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Twinkle, twinkle...

I have a super-secret work IM account that I only use for conversing with colleagues and my husband. I try not to use it much for things other than planning and work-related stuff, but occasionally I just have to IM Josh and complain about something so I can blow off steam and get back to work.

You might be surprised at what I have to complain about.

[Me]: goddammit, i just got another starred review in
[Me]: people are going to think i'm a soft touch
[Josh]: Hmm. Not after they meet you

I actually cracked up laughing at my desk. It's certainly true that upon meeting me, people are far more likely to think I'm a harsh critic than to think that I have to restrain myself from scattering stars hither and yon with abandon.

Star recommendations always make me happy, though, even when we have "too many": it means that good books are being written and published, and that I'm picking the right books to review and the right reviewers for the books. Occasionally I have to override an overzealous star-giver, but for the most part I'm happy to take my reviewers' recommendations. Otherwise, why would I want them reviewing for me? And at a glance, this particular book seems to deserve it.

[Me]: actually, i think i might put it in this week's drop
[Me]: as i suspect the new [author name redacted] will also get a star
[Me]: and that's slated for next week
[Me]: and we already have a star for next week
[Josh]: Well, it is christmas
[Me]: that's not a good reason!
[Me]: are there no remainder bins? are there no street vendors?
[Josh]: Ahaha
[Josh]: You will be visited by three critics....